Teal Palmetto LLC                   "Handmade in the Lowcountry"

Beaufort, SC - April, 2016

Our booth at the 2016 "Taste of Beaufort" festival, held at the wonderful Beaufort Marina.  

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A Little About Teal Palmetto...

The South Carolina lowcountry is where Teal Palmetto LLC was born.  What is the "lowcountry," you ask?  It is a geographical and cultural area located along the South Carolina coast, extending down through the Georgia coast and down through the northern Florida coast.  (Teal Palmetto moved from the South Carolina lowcountry to the Florida lowcountry in 2018.)  It is an area of beauty, history, and warm breezes.  From sweetgrass baskets to sea glass crafts, it is home to artists of all kinds - artists who are continually inspired to create simply because they live in the in this beautiful coastal area.

Teal Palmetto is my creative company of handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry and stationery items, and I would like to share that creative excitement and inspiration of the lowcountry with you.  From my notecards to my jewelry pieces, you are sure to find the perfect, handmade, lowcountry creation for you or for someone you love.  

I have been asked many times, "Are ALL of your items handmade?" or "Do you make *everything* you sell at craft shows and in your online store?"  The answer is ABSOLUTELY, 100% YES!!  Every item in my inventory is handmade by me, from start to finish, and is a unique, one-of-a-kind design.  I never duplicate any of my stationery or jewelry designs.  

My Teal Palmetto items range from the sophisticated to the whimsical.  You should easily find something to catch your eye!

I make everything I sell, and everything I sell is...

      "Handmade in the Lowcountry"